2014-12-12 12:54:59 Releases

AFL Media journalists have won the right to collectively bargain with the AFL after the Fair Work Commission ruled that a majority of employees were in favour of collective negotiations to set their working conditions.

The decision follows significant AFL opposition to its employees’ claims.

The Media, Entertainment and Arts Alliance (MEAA), the union representing the editorial employees, welcomes the decision as an important win for workers in the industry, “This is the first time a group of workers in an in-house digital news production business have gained the right to collectively negotiate terms and employment conditions on matters affecting their working lives,” said MEAA federal secretary Christopher Warren.”

“AFL Media employees work long and hard all year to meet the needs of the news cycle meaning their industrial needs are unique and need to be recognised by a separate industrial instrument. We know that the season never truly stops and the AFL’s editorial staff step in all year to meet the broader media’s expectations.”

MEAA has worked closely with members for more than twelve months to secure this outcome. It’s a sign the union is responding to the distinct needs of journalists working in new and online media. Warren said: “The win further consolidates AFL Media as an in house editorially independent news service. MEAA members in the AFL’s media department will now be better recognised as media professionals and part of our fast-changing media landscape.”

“The Fair Work Commission decision will bring AFL Media employees and the AFL to the table, which means the AFL are required to bargain in good faith with their employees. AFL Media journalists look forward to joining the AFL players and umpires in collectively negotiating with the AFL for fair employment conditions.”