2019-05-03 12:44:49 #MEAAMedia #pressfreedom MediaRoom Submissions

The Australia’s Right to Know coalition of media organisations (including MEAA) to the Council of Attorneys-General Review of Model Defamation Provisions – submitted May 3 2019.

“With the operation of the uniform defamation law ticking over 13 years, ARTK presents a united view that it is time to update the law to:

  1. Take account of international best practice, including recent amendments adopted in the UK, to update the law to be fit-for-purpose for digital news reporting; and
  2. Address some aspects of the law which, through 13 years of ‘road testing,’ do not operate as intended.

Some have suggested that it would be appropriate to undertake a root and branch review of the legislation. While we are not adverse to that suggestion, we are also keen to get on with addressing the long-standing problems without further unnecessary delay.”