2019-08-28 13:57:03 #MEAAMedia #pressfreedom MediaRoom Submissions

The Australia’s Right to Know coalition of media organisations (of which MEAA is a member) letter to the South Australian Attorney-General regarding the removal of the automatic publication restrictions pertaining to sexual offence cases currently prescribed by section 71A of the Evidence Act 1929 (SA).

“South Australians have a right to know what is happening in their communities. Defendants charged with sex offences in South Australia should not enjoy special treatment and enjoy automatic anonymity any longer. Specifically, we recommend the repeal of all of section 71A with the exception of subsection (4) which should remain. Section 71A appears in its entirety at Appendix A to this correspondence. Further, we urge the South Australian Government to action this matter in a timely fashion. There are no justifications for delaying the progress of this change occurring. We urge the Government to take action to pass such an amendment in calendar 2019.”