WORKSHOP: Protect and monetise your content - repower your audience strategy

11:00am - 12:00pm
MEAA offices, 245 Chalmers Street, Redfern NSW

Exclusively for MEAA members running their own blog or website, learn more about new Australian-developed technology that can help you to monetise your content.

Tapview is an Australian start-up whose seamless technology manages micro-payments, subscriptions, reader access (freemium, hard paywall, etc.) and reader engagement (offers, analytics etc). Tapview’s unique UX and cost free DIY install makes it perfect for journalists, writers and creators running their own online resource.

•  Frictionless micro-payments and single account functionality for readers;
•  One click pay-per view access for readers and/or two click subscription sign-up encourages minimal burn and maximum usage;
•  Secure and convenient integration with social media;
•  Device agnostic, readers can tap and view from any device;
•  Publishers get customer analytics – data patterns on what articles readers purchase;
•  Technology and security – Tapview is easy to install and very secure.

This one hour workshop will show you how to evaluate: reader strategy, monetisation and pricing options, and demo a Tapview implementation.