Change The Rules fact sheet

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Guide to Freelance Model Contract Terms

This guide provides explanatory notes on the Standard MEAA Freelance Commissioning Terms

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Last update: November 6, 2017

Proposed Fairfax contributors pay scales

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Freelance Charge-out Rates

These rates are based on calculations of the daily rate required for an independent contractor to earn the equivalent salary of a J5* graded journalist on a Fairfax or News Corporation metropolitan daily newspaper.** Allowances are made to cover business running costs.

These rates are a guide only and do not represent actual rates offered by publishers, which vary widely.
Commissioning editors may offer higher or lower rates, and journalists may command higher or lower fees depending on their experience, expertise and publication budgets.

For a guide to the current rates offered by publications in the Australian market, check out Rate Tracker - this contains real data updated by freelancers based on their own experience of publisher payments.
Please consider adding your own information to Rate Tracker to help build this useful tool about current market rates. This helps us all work collectively for fair and sustainable incomes for freelancers.
We encourage freelancers to prioritise publishers who pay well.

* J5 Graded journalist will often have five or more years of post-cadetship experience
** based on the most recent negotiated enterprise bargaining agreement at July 2017. These rates are not Award rates, and are based on the current Fairfax and News Corp enterprise agreement rates, covering employed staff.

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WA Tax Accountants

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SA Tax Accountants

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Vic Tax Accountants

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Qld Tax Accountants

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ACT Tax Accountants

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NSW Tax Accountants

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MEAA Freelance Model Contract Terms Explained

This document should be read in conjunction with the MEAA Standard Freelance Commissioning Terms.

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Last update: November 29, 2016
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