Freelance Charge-out Rates


The purpose of this document is to provide a rough estimate of what you, as an independent contractor, would need to charge your clients in order for you to earn the equivalent salary of a J5 graded journalist on a Fairfax Media or News Corporation metropolitan daily newspaper* – with some allowance given to the cost of running your small business.

It does not seek to represent actual market conditions. It is a guide only.

Some commissioning editors may be able to offer more than this, many others will offer less.

For current market rates, check out Rate Tracker. Rate Tracker has real data updated by freelancers based on their own experience of who pays what.

Consider adding your own knowledge to Rate Tracker to build a useful tool for freelance colleagues to learn more about what the market rates actually are so we can all work collectively for fair and sustainable incomes for freelancers.

* based on the most recent negotiated enterprise bargaining agreement.

Last UpdatedApril 13, 2018
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