MEAA Submissions

Latest submissions from MEAA

MEAA letter to AFP on Mullah Krekar

MEAA letter to Justice Minister Michael Keenan and AFP Commissioner Andrew Colvin regarding Mullah Krekar and the murder of Paul Moran ...

MEAA letter on NSW LegCo inquiry

MEAA letter to the NSW Legislative Council Select Committee investigation into the conduct and progress of the Ombudsman’s inquiry “Operation Prospect”.  ...

MEAA submission on INSLM resourcing

MEAA submission to the Senate Constitutional and Legal Affairs Committee inquiry into the Independent National Security Legislation Monitor (Improved Oversight and Resourcing) Bill 2014.  ...

MEAA on Tasmanian defamation proposal

MEAA letter to Tasmanian Attorney-General Dr Vanessa Goodwin on proposed changes to Tasmania's defamation laws.  ...

Joint submission on Data Retention

Joint media organisations' submission to the Parliamentary Joint Committee on Intelligence and Security regarding the Telecommunications (Interception and Access) Bill 2014.  ...