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Stéphanie Denizard
Stéphanie Denizard
Radio Presenter, Voice-Over, MC, Singer, Songwriter

✦ Radio Producer/Presenter ✦ Professional Entertainer/Singer/Songwriter ✦ Voice Over ✦ Stéphanie Denizard comes from a diverse and multicultural background as evidenced by her command of English, French, Haitian Creole, as well as knowledge of basic Portuguese. Since 2013, she's been producing and hosting shows at Eastside Radio such as Queen Kafé (promoting female singers and composers from all over the world), Forever French (promoting music from French speaking countries / La Francophonie) and currently Jammin' Friday, a breakfast radio show focusing on jazz music. Stéphanie is the official voice-over of Exo, officially known as Réseau de transport métropolitain, a public transit system in the Greater Montreal Region (Québec/Canada) similar to Transport for NSW where you can hear her voice on train platforms. Since, she’s contributed to few other voice-over projects for SBS, music producers and Football Federation Australia. Stephanie is an international jazz singer who performs with a stage name.