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Doctoral Research Candidate

My first thesis, titled "The Clandestine Cinemas of Bengal: Genesis, Evolution and Praxis". It analysed the rise of the clandestine state of cinemas in West Bengal, India and how historical material conditions influenced its evolution. I have produced, directed and written several short films and video essays. I have also collaborated with Film Division of India, for producing a documentary called 'Masterstroke' which was screened at the 2018 Mumbai International Film Festival. I specialise in digital art and my understanding of audio visual aesthetics is heavily influenced by the contemporary digital artists such as Gaspar Noe, Lars Von Trier, Harmony Korine, Sion Sono and others. My research interests include film aesthetics, film movements, subversion in cinema, film history, cinematic practices of India and Bengal, film analysis through Marxist class theory perspective, Gramscian culture theory and Lacanian psychoanalysis. Currently I am concentrating on the study of hybrid aesthetics in the context of Indian cinema.


Film DirectionFilm EditingScreenwritingCinematographyStage ProductionLight Design