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Pamela Mawbey
Pamela Mawbey
Journalist/Family Historian

The old adage, Once a journalist, always a journalist, applies to me. Recognising a potential story, asking questions, getting answers, plotting the story line and bashing it out are skills that are embedded in my genes. When I became too old to do mainstream journalism, I skill-transferred to family history. The same skills apply. I have added a formal qualification in genealogical research to my formal qualification in journalism and now happily combine the two. It will never be as exciting as having my own round on the Australian Financial Review newspaper back in the 1980s - last century, so now history - but finding long buried information and being able to verify it and then present it in a professional way is just as rewarding. I have three family history blogs and am about to publish my first family history book. So old journalists never die, they just take a different direction.