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Pamela Mawbey
Pamela Mawbey
Journalist/Family Historian

Once a journalist, always a journalist. That saying has always applied to me. As a teenager i used to sit and watch a game of tennis being played by strangers at a Sydney suburban park, notebook in hand jotting down what the players were wearing, and other aspects of their appearance. Totally disinterested in how they they were playing the game. A real journalist would have been more interested in the scores, and back then, in the 1950s, I would have been relegated to the social pages. Thank goodness I was not a real journalist then.Was that really not all that long ago? As you can probably already tell, I like telling a story. Hard news is OK, doggedly sticking to just the facts. But that was when I had no personality, no flair or panache, and I think I finally have one now. Which means I can put more of myself into a story and write more creatively. A couple of years ago, I branched out into family history, researching and writing that, but now I want to return to journalism. My last hurrah, so to speak. Make a run down the strait for the finish line before it is too late. So keep an eye out for my opinion pieces. Hopefully they will make an appearance in that magazine or newspaper near you soon.


researching family history in australia; transcribing manuscripts; writing news and feature stories for print.