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Brigette Paroissien @ Gold Coast & Northern Rivers

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Brigette Paroissien
Brigette Paroissien
Stunt Performer & Actor I am a long time graded stunt performer and have been training extensively in all facets of stunts for over ten years focusing on the essentials including body control, wirework, highfalls and fighting which I have great competency in all. Outside of stunt training my specialty skills entail acrobatics/gymnastics, ariel skills, horse riding, horse archery and vaulting, motocross and on & off road motorcycle riding, martial arts (Hapkido & Muay Thai), firearms, various water sports from surfing & wakeboarding to jetski wavejumping and in addition to these sports I perform professional fire performances. I currently hold the below Australian licenses: - open car - open motorcycle - boat - jetski - scuba diving - firearms license category A, B. I have great competency and skills in driving vehicles, towing large objects behind a vehicle, riding motorcycles (on and off road), boats & jet ski watercraft.

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