Monday, October 16th, 2023 #ICMEAA Featured News

The Media, Entertainment & Arts Alliance today restates our commitment to justice for First Nations people and a better future for all.

We know Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are hurting. We honour the strength and resilience of First Nations people. As unionists our work is to collectively care, struggle and fight for a better future. That future will always be First Nations first and the work does not stop.

Our commitment to our First Nations members is unwavering.

The work our members do as story tellers has an enormous responsibility to truth telling. As a union, we are dedicated to ensuring First Nations workers are culturally safe and the work is not theirs to bear alone.

We also acknowledge that within MEAA, we must build a safe, welcoming, diverse and inclusive community of First Nations members and leaders. We must listen, we must learn and we must act.

With the rest of the union movement, we will continue to stand and fight for justice.

Simon Collins
Federal President

Erin Madeley
Chief Executive

13YARN (13 92 76) is a confidential phone service for any Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander person feeling overwhelmed or having difficulty coping to speak one-on-one with a trained Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Crisis Supporter. The service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.