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Palestinian journalists mourn for colleague Jabr Abu Hadrous, who was killed by an Israeli airstrike with his family members on December 29, 2023. Photo: PJS


The current conflict in Gaza has had unprecedented and devastating effects on journalists in Palestine.

MEAA has launched a new fundraising appeal as part of an international effort to support Palestinian journalists, through the Media Safety & Solidarity Fund. Donations will provide basic food and health supplies for journalists in Gaza and their families.

Artwork by MEAA member Sam Wallman- click the image to download the jpg or click here to download a pdf.


According to the International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) , the deaths of 102 journalists and media workers have been verified since the conflict began on October 7 last year, and dozens more have been injured or reported missing. Ninety-five of the dead journalists are Palestinians*. Many died alongside their families while sheltering from bombing.

More journalists have died in the first four months of this current conflict than the entire 10-year Vietnam War. By some estimates, 10% of the journalist workforce in Gaza has been killed.

Horrific as this death toll is, it is overshadowed by the overall loss of human life in Gaza – 25,000 civilians and growing.

Journalists are the eyes and ears of the world on the conflict in Gaza. Without their courage under fire – and when the IDF blocks the international media from entering Gaza independently – the humanitarian crisis would be unseen.

Local journalists in Gaza continue to risk their lives at the frontlines of the story. Yet like much of the civilian population, they are battling starvation, lack of shelter, and shortages of food and water. Many journalists are living under canvas, shifting from tent to tent as the conflict engulfs more of Gaza, while others sleep in school buildings with thousands of other displaced people.

They lack protective gear, and sometimes are unable to charge their phones or laptops or replace damaged equipment.

In harsh weather conditions, there is a grave need for basic food provisions along with tents and warm clothes.

That is why MEAA is now asking its Australian members and supporters to dig deep to help the journalists of Gaza.

Every cent donated will be distributed through the Palestinian Journalists Syndicate, the official affiliate of the IFJ, to provide material support for journalists in Gaza to continue to be able to do their jobs.

Since the conflict began, the PJS has sought to support Gaza journalists with tents, food baskets, power banks (mobile charging batteries), wheat, flour, cash assistance and other basic needs.

Right now, what is most needed are fresh vegetables supplies and hygiene kits for journalists and their families.

Each vegetable basket costs $US35 (about $54) and each hygiene kit costs $US50 (about $77). The PJS has about 1200 journalists on its contact lists.

MEAA is also exploring ways our members can support other creative workers in Gaza who have been impacted by the conflict.

There are several other ways you can make a financial donation. The International Federation of Journalists Safety Fund has raised more than 90,000 euros for Palestinian journalists since October last year and is taking donations here.

Your financial support for this campaign is deeply appreciated.

* As at February 15, 2024.