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The Media, Entertainment & Arts Alliance will conduct a review of State Media Awards rules, including entry and awards criteria. These awards run each year in Queensland, Tasmania, Western Australia, South Australia and the Northern Territory

The review follows the conclusion of last week’s NT Media Awards — the last for the year — and the Walkley Foundation’s withdrawal of an award to Nine News journalists in 2021.

MEAA acknowledges and understands the need for reporting to be ethical and culturally sound. It is important that any future standards that apply to state media awards are widely supported. A review will enable the union to consider whether the standards that have now been in use for many years require updating and modernisation.

The proposed terms of reference will include ensuring the terms and conditions for the State and Territory Media Awards reflect community, professional, ethical and legal standards as well as an examination of processes associated with nomination, deliberation and provision of awards.

The review will be conducted in the first half of 2023. A report arising from the review will be provided to the union’s National Media Section for its consideration and action.

MEAA intends to make no further comment at this stage.


State Media Awards review

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