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The Berejiklian Government must act urgently to rescue Sydney’s Carriageworks performance and exhibition space after it was placed in voluntary administration yesterday.

As the arts sector continues to reconcile the stunning and dangerous lack of government support during the COVID-19 crisis,  the decision to place Carriageworks in administration represents a totemic new low, says the Media, Entertainment & Arts Alliance.

Despite the NSW Government declaring arts and recreation services one of five ‘highly impacted’ industry groupings following its adoption of social distancing measures, this iconic venue for performers and artists across Australia has been allowed to sink.

“The NSW creative sector has been politically rudderless for some time,” said MEAA Chief Executive Paul Murphy. “This is evidenced by the near absence of NSW Government support to enable the sector to survive COVID-19 intact.

“Carriageworks appears to have fallen into administration because the NSW Government didn’t lift a finger to sustain its operations through a once-in-a-lifetime threat.

“It’s a special kind of ignorance and indifference that allows this kind of thing to happen. The great fear is that as the NSW government remains paralysed, other arts institutions will follow Carriageworks into administration.

“The arts sector in NSW is on its knees pleading for support from the state government. It should start by stepping in to rescue Carriageworks.”


NSW Government must step in to save Carriageworks

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Last update: May 5, 2020