2023-05-23 12:26:10 MediaRoom Releases

The Media, Entertainment & Arts Alliance (MEAA) condemns the targeting of workers on the basis of their race, religion, gender, disability or other forms of identity.

MEAA believes in freedom of expression but rejects vilification or abuse on the grounds of identity.

MEAA members proudly stand with Stan Grant and all workers when they come under attack on the basis of their identity.

MEAA Chief Executive Erin Madeley said all media and arts organisations had a duty of care towards their employees to provide a safe workplace and that includes calling out and tackling racist abuse both within and outside their organisation.

“MEAA condemns all attacks on First Nations people. It is clear that First Nations people and people of colour working in our industries are targeted by hate speech and abuse that other workers are not subjected to,” she said.

‘The racist targeting of Stan Grant is a blight on the nation and cause for reflection on how media workers are supported to carry out their vital work. Stan Grant is an eminent journalist. We must take this terrible moment to properly grasp what we are facing and to ensure that the workers who tell our stories can continue to perform their vital public service free from abuse and danger.

“As the union for workers in the media, arts and entertainment industries, we are committed to stamping out all forms of discrimination and prejudice, and will not hesitate to take action to ensure our members are safe and protected at work.”