2022-05-18 11:22:33 #MEAAMedia MediaRoom Other statements Releases

MEAA is a democratic organisation controlled by its members through elections every two years.

We are fully transparent in our activities and our agenda is to improve the working lives of journalists and to fight for press freedom. This has been our agenda since 1910.

MEAA has become aware of another organisation purporting to be a union for journalists in Australia. This organisation is not a federally registered union and does not represent journalists. Their operations appear clouded in secrecy. The only evidence of activity seems to indicate some sort of political agenda around opposition to vaccines.

The Kennedy Awards do themselves a disservice by associating with them.

Whether as the Australian Journalists Association or MEAA Media, we have had a proud tradition of supporting journalists in their pursuit of truth and facts, and that remains the case 30 years after our merger.

This other fake union is clearly not about journalism, nor facts, nor truth.

MEAA works tirelessly to advocate for journalists’ rights in the workplace. Join online here.