2014-12-09 12:33:57 Releases

The Media, Entertainment & Arts Alliance is pleased to announce that Paul Murphy has been appointed chief executive officer, effective March 2015. He will replace federal secretary Chris Warren who has led the union for the last 28 years.

Paul Murphy has been the director of the media section of MEAA for the last three years. Previous roles include chief-of- staff to state government ministers Verity Firth and for Carmel Tebbutt. He has been a member of MEAA for more than 20 years.

Murphy said: “I am honoured to be given the opportunity to lead MEAA. We have a proud history protecting the rights of our members and fighting for the viability and integrity of our industries.

“In a rapidly changing environment something irreplaceable is the creativity, the skill and the determination of our members. Our members are at the forefront of change and I look forward to working to ensure they receive fair reward for their efforts.”

Mr Murphy was appointed by the MEAA board unanimously from a selection of more than 50 applications.

Board members are: Simon Collins (federal president, musicians), Geoff Morrell (federal president, Equity), David Turnbull (federal president, Entertainment, Crew & Sport), Stuart Washington (federal president, Media), Corinne Grant (federal vice-president, Equity) Jacob Holmes (federal vice-president, Entertainment, Crew & Sport), Monica Main (federal vice-president, Equity) Gina McColl (federal vice-president, Media) and Philippa McDonald (federal vice-president, Media).

MEAA president Patricia Amphlett said: “I have been continually impressed with Paul’s leadership, forward-thinking, level-headedness and commitment to our members since he joined MEAA. I am extremely pleased that he has been appointed our new CEO. He has my full support and he does of all MEAA representatives. We look forward to working with him in his new capacity as CEO.”