2014-05-14 11:42:28 Releases

MEAA is disappointed by the Federal Government’s decision pull all funding from the Australian Interactive Games Fund (AIGF).

The $20 million fund was set up last year to help the local industry “build a sustainable base for companies to grow in a global market.”

Mal Tulloch, MEAA’s director of entertainment, crew and sport, says the move is short-sighted and will certainly effect the future success of Australia’s gaming development industry.

“Axing the AIGF is an attack on Australian culture and innovation. This is an industry at the forefront of emerging technology with a huge potential for growth. However, the ability of our local developers and studios to build success and compete on a global scale will be greatly hindered by this move.” said Tulloch.

Last night, it was announced that the $10 million remaining in the fund would be redirected to repair the Budget and to fund other policy priorities.

There has been no prior government funding to the gaming development sector before the AIGF was set up. From last September, the AIGF had backed 21 independent projects.