2019-08-20 15:55:41 #MEAAMedia #pressfreedom MediaRoom Submissions

The Australia’s Right to Know coalition of media organisations (of which MEAA is a member) submission to the to the Northern Territory Sexual Violence Prevention and Response Framework. Submitted 190819

** N.B. Download includes a supplementary submission made on 190828. **

“Northern Territory law currently prohibits the identification of survivors telling their stories and being identified if they so freely choose. In fact, it is up to the court to make an order to the contrary. This is paternalistic, anachronistic and requires change. It is imperative that complainants/victims/survivors of sexual violence have the right to consent to being identified if they if they wish, without requiring a court order. This is currently prohibited by section 6 of the Sexual Offences (Evidence and Procedure) Act 1983 (NT) (the Act)…. We strongly urge that this legislation be amended as soon as possible.”