MEAA Associate Membership

Coming soon: a new way you can support the work of MEAA

MEAA is the union for workers in the media, entertainment and arts industries. Every day, we are out their fighting for the workplace rights of our members.

But we also campaign for quality and independent journalism, press freedom, local content on stage and screen, media diversity, public and community broadcasting, better funding for arts and culture, keeping live music venues open, and much more.

If you do not work in the media, entertainment and arts industries and are not eligible to be a full member of MEAA, you can still support our work by becoming an associate member.

As an associate member, for as little as $2 a week, you will:

  • Join a community of other progressive-minded people who believe Australia’s cultural and artistic sector, and strong, independent journalism are worth fighting for.
  • Get member-exclusive access to MEAA events and offers.
  • Support our campaigns for Australia’s cultural industries and as a voice for press freedom.

MEAA’s associate membership will be launched later in 2019, but you can register your interest here.

Note that as an associate member, MEAA cannot and will not represent you legally or industrially as a worker in any of the types of jobs or industries for which we have full industrial coverage, nor will you be entitled to most of the benefits and discounts, including insurance products, offered to full members. Should you be seeking full coverage with all the benefits that entails, then go to our membership application page.

Register your interest here