Temporary Activity visa (subclass 408) Applications

Information for people applying to employ OS workers in Australia

Sponsoring an overseas person to undertake employment in the Australian entertainment industry

All overseas performers and related personnel (including producers, directors, cinematographers, choreographers, technicians etc) seeking to work in Australia must travel to Australia on a Temporary Activity visa (Sub-Class 408). To secure this Temporary visa, the person must be sponsored/supported by an Australian organisation. Requirements vary depending on the type of production or performance.

The Migration Regulations require the Australian sponsor to consult with the Media, Entertainment & Arts Alliance in relation to the following categories of performer or related personnel:

1. Film and/or Television Performers 
(including actors, stunt performers, puppeteers, dancers, singers and any other performer appearing on screen)

2. Film and/or Television Personnel
(including producers, directors, heads of department and technicians)

3. Live Theatre, Dance, Ballet, Opera and Musical Production Performers
(including dancers, singers, puppeteers, actors, and any other person performing in the live production)

4. DJs, Concert, Cabaret or Variety Performers 
(including symphony/orchestral musicians, comedians, magicians etc)

5. Live Theatre Performance Personnel
(including producers, directors, technicians etc)

Consultation must take place with the Media, Entertainment & Arts Alliance first.

All MEAA enquiries and consultation should be directed to the:
MEAA Imports Officer:
Tel: +61 7 3846 0044
Email: imports@meaa.org

Following this consultation, all applications then need to be lodged with:
Department of Immigration and Border Protection 

Entertainment Processing Centre

Email: entertainment.visas@border.gov.au

All Film and/or Television Performer Applications will also have to apply to the:
Ministry for the Arts
Desk officer, Foreign Actor Certification Scheme

Tel: +61 2 6271 1705
Email: foreignactors@arts.gov.au

Consultation Fee for the Media, Entertainment & Arts Alliance
Applications for union non-objection letters for overseas performers and technicians are subject to a consultation fee and must be submitted as part of your application

Please complete your payment details and submit the payment form as part of your application. Should your application be endorsed by the Union, your credit card will be charged at the (per person) rate shown below (all fees are inclusive of GST):
Film and TV Performers and Presenters – $550.00 p.p.
Film and TV Crew and Technicians – $302.50 p.p.
Live Theatre/Variety Performers – $165.00 p.p.
Live Theatre/Variety Personnel $110.00 p.p.
Producers (excl. assistant producers and documentary producer/directors) – Not applicable

Your application and supporting documents can be:

Emailed to imports@meaa.org

The Media, Entertainment & Arts Alliance recognises and respects your privacy. We are bound by the Privacy Act. Information requested by MEAA is treated confidentially and is requested only to the extent necessary for MEAA to provide advice to the Department of Immigration and Citizenship and the Office for the Arts administered by the Department of Regional Australia, Local Government, Arts and Sport in accordance with the provisions of the Migration Regulations in respect of applications for Entertainer (subclass 420) visas. You can view MEAA’s privacy statement at http://www.meaa.org/privacy-policy/, or by contacting the MEAA office.