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Download and complete the IFJ Press Card application. (For more about the International Federation of Journalists, click here.)

You will need to provide a recent passport style photo and payment of $120.00 via credit card (Visa and Mastercard only). International postage incurs and additional charge of $10.

If you are a new member you will be required to pay your MEAA membership fees in advance to the end of the current financial year in addition to the cost of the pass.

Once completed, the form must be emailed to members@meaa.org

PROCESSING TIMES: 2-7 Business Days

N.B. To receive the press pass you must be a fully financial member of the MEAA Media section for the duration of the card's validity. Members who have joined within the last 12 months must pay their MEAA membership fees to the end of the current financial year and then commit to paying via periodic deduction for the life of the pass. Cards are valid for 2 years.

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