Tell us your story as a working musician

Despite the fact that the music industry generates huge amounts of money, the vast majority of musicians do not make a living from it. The recording industry is broken and in many communities the live performance sector is struggling.

The situation is chronic and complex and it’s hard to see a solution. But that’s no reason not to try. MEAA is reaching out to musicians to help answer these questions. We want to tap into communities and networks; we want to hear what you do, what’s important to you, what needs to change. We want to start conversations and help build on the things that we’ve got going for us.

The first step is this survey, part of a process to get better information and improve engagement with this large unregulated part of our industry.

MEAA is aware of the huge range of issues making it difficult for musicians to make a living from live performance and in a broken recording industry and we’re not pretending to have any silver bullet solutions. We’re making no promises, but we do want to reach out and work to improve our voice and recognition. That’s why it’s essential that we use our contacts and networks to get maximum buy-in to the survey.

The next stage will be to hold more detailed discussions with groups of members and non members. After that we’ll be able to pull together all this information and hopefully be in a better position to identify where to focus our energy and attention.

For more information, contact the director of MEAA Musicians, Paul Davies.

MEAA values your privacy (read our privacy policy here). This information will only be used internally by the union to identify key goals and objectives for our industry. By providing personal details MEAA may contact you directly to request further or more detailed feedback.