Contract advice – MEAA’s model freelance contract

Negotiating contracts successfully – and ensuring they are enforced – is a central part of life for freelance journalists. MEAA can give you advice on your contracts and follow-up with if commissioning editor is in breach of your contract or fails to pay you.

MEAA, in conjunction with law firm Banki Haddock Fiora, has published a standard freelance journalist model contract from which you can start negotiating. It’s a model contract: it sets out best-practice as a starting point. It breaks up the contract into various components and, in Schedule 2, includes a work-sheet that sets out the terms of the negotiated agreement you have struck with the commissioning editor. Read the contract document in conjunction with the explanation of what each of the terms means. The contract is flexible – choose the elements that suit your needs.

MEAA Freelance Journalist Model Contract

MEAA Freelance Journalist Model Contract – terms explained

For advice, contact MEAA Member Central: 1300 65 65 13