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It’s time to #ChangetheRules

Two years ago negotiations began for a new collective agreement for staff (including many actors) employed at The Old Melbourne Gaol and other National Trust of Australia sites in Victoria. Despite reaching an “in principle” agreement a year ago, management delayed putting the agreement out to staff for a vote. This delay has means the agreement can’t be finalised and has seen staff miss out on a pay rise month after month. In fact, staff members haven’t received a pay rise since 2015.

MEAA has now applied for a protected action ballot at the Fair Work Commission. While National Trust Australia is now finally making moves to rectify the situation, this case highlights the importance of the #ChangetheRules Campaign. The rules are broken when employers can delay finalising an agreement, denying employees pay increases, and employees need to jump through bureaucratic hoops with the Fair Work Commission to achieve justice.

Stunt performers

The Equity Stunt Grading Procedure is the only recognised professional grading process for stunt performers and safety supervisors in Australia, and one of only five recognised systems in the world. An Equity Stunt Grading Certificate is considered clear evidence that you can be trusted to work safely as a stunt professional on set. A national meeting will be held on Wednesday, May 2 (6pm-8pm AEST) to discuss important changes to the grading process. All members of the stunt community are encouraged to attend.

NSW: MEAA Federal Office 245 Chalmers Street, Redfern.
VIC: MEAA Victorian Office, Level, 3 365 Queen Street, Melbourne.
QLD: MEAA Upper Coomera Community Centre, 90 Reserve Road, Upper Coomera.

If anyone in other states or territories wants to join the meetings please contact Nikau Irvine nikau.irvine@meaa.org (Posted: Friday, April 20)

Stunt performers

Actors who bring the magic of movies to life at the Village Road Show Theme Parks in Queensland (inc. Warner Bros Movie World) are covered by a MEAA collective agreement that will soon expire. Negotiations for the new agreement will begin after the Commonwealth Games. Now is your chance to tell us what changes you want in the new agreement, including a pay rise. Complete the survey here. Inquiries to melissa.webster@meaa.org(Posted: March 20)