Letter of support from SSO

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Last update: September 14, 2020

Julian Assange extradition hearing briefing document

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Last update: September 10, 2020

MEAA submission to the draft Mandatory News Media and Digital Platforms Bargaining Code

MEAA's submission on the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission's draft Mandatory News Media and Digital Platforms Bargaining Code.


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Last update: September 16, 2020

Position description: organiser, Sydney

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Last update: July 20, 2020

MEAA letter over Timor-Leste proposal to criminalise defamation

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Last update: June 11, 2020

Mandatory News Media Bargaining Code - submission to ACCC operations paper

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Last update: June 5, 2020

MEAA letter to Communications Minister re regional newspapers

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Last update: April 1, 2020

JobKeeper income subsidy fact sheet

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Last update: April 1, 2020

MEAA Guidelines on Reporting Hate Speech and Extremism

MEAA is concerned at the rise of hate speech in Australia. Racist attitudes and hate speech pose a threat to democracy, a free media and racial equality. The rise of extremism and the increasing use of hate speech place journalists in a difficult position: how should we report these issues, should we resist efforts to co-opt us, what role does “balance” have to play, should we seek to protect our audience?

These guidelines are designed to be read alongside the MEAA Journalist Code of Ethics

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Last update: March 13, 2020

Letter to ACCC re: closure of AAP

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Last update: March 11, 2020

Letter to Chinese ambassador, February 20, 2020

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Last update: February 20, 2020

MEAA rule changes: marked up alterations

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Last update: February 18, 2020