-Discover- (AFMA) Australian Freelance Musicians Alliance

The Australian Freelance Musician’s Alliance (AFMA) is a branch of the Media, Entertainment and Arts Alliance and is an organising union. Our union is built by members, for its members.

Our mission is to promote and defend the economic, social, moral and professional interests of our members who are all freelance musicians.

We aim to promote the cultural significance and economic importance of music and musicians in our everyday life.

Our purpose is to build a strong collective and to campaign for a more vibrant and sustainable music industry.

Our members intend to build an industry that accepts minimum rates and conditions which make being a full-time working musician viable in Australia

Current Fees*

  • under $14,999pa Musician Membership $7.02/week
  • up to $29,999pa Musician Membership $9.55/week
  • up to $78,999pa Musician Membership $13.90/week
  • up to $103,500pa Musician Membership $20.81/week
  • over $103,500pa Musician Membership $26.33/week

* Based on income derived only from your work as a musician.

Applicable from July 1, 2017. Fees calculated to include public liability and professional indemnity insurance. All membership fees are tax deductible.


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