Coronavirus and you: have you lost work?

Complete the survey about the impact of coronavirus on your work and income in the media, entertainment and arts industries

The impact of COVID-19 (coronavirus) on the media, arts and entertainment industry will be devastating.

Event cancellations, venue closures, tours being postponed and travel bans will push some live performance companies to the brink. Screen productions are being postponed, freelance contracts cancelled.

Many workers in these industries already live a hand to mouth, gig to gig existence. They have no stable jobs, employed either as casuals or freelance contractors, and no formal paid leave entitlements. Second jobs, such as in hospitality, will also be affected. Without financial support, thousands of media, arts and entertainment workers could be pushed into poverty by coronavirus.

MEAA, along with other organisations in these sectors, is calling for targeted industry support and a national scheme of paid leave for any workers who are self-employed, casual or whose employer cannot provide them with paid leave in the event of a stand down.

Tell us your story so we can help you and to build a strong case about the economic, financial and social impact on the arts of coronavirus. 

Even if you have not suffered a direct cancellation, please participate — we want your story too.

All information collected is confidential but will be collated by MEAA for submission to governments and other campaigning purposes. You may be contacted by MEAA at a later date in regard to your responses to this survey. Please indicate below if you give consent for your name and other details to be used. You can read our full privacy policy here. Please note that MEAA is only able to provide individual assistance to financial MEAA members.

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